Global Azure Bootcamp - Denver - 2017 - Phidiax

Microsoft Office DTC - Denver, CO
April 22, 2017 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Tom Canter


Director of Integration, Sr Integration and Cloud Architect

Microsoft MVP, P-TSP

Tom has expert knowledge of Enterprise Application Integration consulting, and solving challenging integration scenarios using power platforms, such as Microsoft applications, Microsoft Azure, and Sybase. His experience encompasses several industries, with specialization in Retail, Finance, and Healthcare. Tom is a recognized community expert of Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Enterprise Service Bus solutions, Healthcare (HIPAA, HL7, and EDI), integration infrastructure planning and development.

Tom taught himself computer programming on a C64 computer while at sea on the USS Bremerton (SSN 698), USS Billfish (SSN 676) and the USS Lafayette (SSBN 616). At the completion of the Gulf War in 1991 he elected to leave the Navy and take his self-taught skills to the market place. Over the course of years, he learned VTAM configuration, COBOL, DB/2, CICS, MVS, OS/400, APPC/APPN, TCP/IP, Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, IBM MQ Series Integrator, NEONet, Windows and much more. He finally settled down, for the longest time of his career, in the integration space with Microsoft BizTalk Server. This set the stage for the next educational phase, learning about EDI processing, HL7, SWIFT, FIX and integration at a large scale. Tom end up building the first ESB on BizTalk Server with Brian Loesgen in 2006.


Presenting Sessions

Secure Hybrid Service Integration - PCI/HIPAA Compliant

Anthony Clendenen


Sr Modern Datacenter and Cloud Architect

Anthony is proficient with technical system management from the cloud. Utilizing several Microsoft technologies including the System Center suite and Microsoft Azure, Anthony enjoys constructing cloud-based infrastructure and managed service for our customers.

Anthony works as a technical Subject Matter Expert, providing solutions, POC’s, technical differentiators in competitive situations, and building long term enduring relationships with customers. As a SME, Anthony has consulted in architecting and delivering solutions including, Azure cloud-based infrastructures, SCCM, and 3rd party additions to dozens of the world’s largest IT implementations.


Presenting Sessions

Intro to Azure AD

Mike Fal


SQL Server Consultant

Microsoft MVP

Mike Fal is a specialist in data management technologies. As a community advocate, public speaker, and blogger, Mike is a practicing thought leader for data and automation. He is passionate about DevOps and data, building platforms to optimize, protect, and use data efficiently. Since 1999, Mike has been working in the database field, focusing primarily on SQL Server and specializes in automating data solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of his environments. He currently works as a SQL Server Consultant for UpSearch, LLC and has been caught playing trombone in public on more than one occasion.


Presenting Sessions

Intro to Azure SQL Databases

Becky Isserman



Sr. Technical Evangelist

Becky Isserman has been in the technology world since 2005, architecting solutions for partners in federal and commercial verticals. Her love of technology began at the St Louis Science Center, which she would visit just to use the Kid Pix, Eliza, and Hangman programs on their computers. At age 15, she started building websites in AOLPress and then Notepad. She is active in the Seattle Technology Community and is a frequent speaker at events and user groups, such as code camps. She is currently a Senior Technical Evangelist on the Recruit ISV Team for Developer Experience at Microsoft architecting solutions in Azure. She is a former organizer of SharePoint Saturday NYC and Code Camp NYC.


Presenting Sessions

PowerBI Embedded: How do I make my data pretty in Azure?

Dean May

Speaker: Dean May


Sr Integration and Cloud Architect

Dean has extensive experience delivering solutions according to the Software Development Lifecycle, and has developed with the gamut of Microsoft supported languages, from VB 5.0 to C# in .NET 4.5. Dean is currently busy creating WCF Façade services for a SOA platform which includes custom behaviors to support business requirements. He also has ten years of experience supporting Buy-Side Trading Desks, and supporting custom development for OMS systems including Macgregor and Charles River. He also is well versed integrating with Eagle Investment Accounting systems. Dean developed service processes using open source FIX (Financial Information eXchange protocol) tools that were capable of interfacing outside firms with the desk using industry standards. He is also familiar with the XAML programming paradigm and has created solutions in WPF, Silverlight, and is working on learning Windows 8/RT.

Since the release of .NET 1.1, Dean has been interested in the concepts needed to build multithreaded applications and make our processes more streamlined where functions are not dependent on one another. This has led him to develop explicitly threaded applications, and the associated management code. With the advent of the task parallel library (TPL) and LINQ to Events (known as the Rx framework), instead of concentrating on the mechanics of threading, programmers can concentrate on leveraging this concept to solve performance needs. As a result of this expertise and his personality, Dean will not rest until the desired process is designed well and runs with the utmost efficiency.


Presenting Sessions

Introduction to Azure Data Factory for SSIS Developers

Ryan McIntyre



Ryan is a passionate technologist focused on helping organizations design, build, and deploy awesome applications on Microsoft Azure and has the best job in the world as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft helping to fuel that passion. He is most recently focused on microservices, containers, and the orchestrators used to manage them such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Service Fabric as well as a general focus on open source software. When not in front of a computer, you can most likely find Ryan on a bicycle, behind the wheel of his Jeep, or in the garage fixing his Jeep.


Presenting Sessions

Using Azure Service Fabric to Manage Containers

Mark Medrano


Integration and Cloud Architect

Mark has worked with a handful of technologies and industries. He has developed and delivered front, middle, and backend solutions almost exclusively using the Microsoft technology stack. He is currently working to increase his architectural knowledge while remaining steeped in implementation details in an attempt to straddle both worlds.


Presenting Sessions

Azure Logic Apps 101

David Milner


Sr Collaboration and Cloud Architect

Author of "Pro ASP.NET Sharepoint 2010 Solutions - Techniques for building SharePoint functionality into ASP.NET Applications" and co-author of "Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365" by APress.

Dave has a high level of aptitude and proficiency in development languages, having categorized over 45 different programming languages, in which he has produced code deliverables. He strives to push towards the latest and greatest technologies and practices. Some of his more recent interests include the microservices area including many of the different modern front-end javascript frameworks such as Angular, React, Bootstrap, and tooling built on the Node, Bower, and JSPM package managers (as well as NuGet for .NET Core).

He also has a great deal of experience with the Microsoft SharePoint platform, ranging in variations from 2003 through the latest on-premise, hybrid, and O365 based solutions. He fully supports SPFx for SharePoint modifications, and fully integrated Cloud PaaS solutions.

Dave’s aptitude for languages has extended into developing PowerShell skills. This skillset has interwoven throughout his work with server environments, in managing SharePoint and SQL Server, and in support of Azure cloud solutions.

Dave is intrigued by the interaction and interface between humans and computers, expanding beyond just simple HCI including screen design to considering the entire experience. He enjoys a continued interest in Mathematics, especially Stochastic Modeling, and Operations Research.


Presenting Sessions

Connecting Microservices with Logic Apps
Managing Microservices with Azure Docker Containers

Audian Paxson

Speaker: Audian Paxson

Alert Logic

Sr Product Marketing Manager

Audian Paxson has worked in consumer, enterprise and cloud security for over 13 years where he has lead product management and product marketing teams, delivering multiple products from concept to launch and has been awarded three USPTO Patents for inventions focused on enterprise security.


Presenting Sessions

Shared Security Responsibility in the Azure Cloud

Daniel Randall

Speaker: Daniel Randall


Sr Integration and Cloud Architect

Daniel’s technical focus is to automate the mundane, simplify the complex, and integrate the disintegrated; he believes that centralization of software assets in the cloud is the key to achieving these ends with elegance and agility. Daniel is a masterful technical talent; he has the ability to comprehend and deliver the most complex technical challenges, and is a subject-matter expert on the Microsoft stack. Daniels expertise includes but is not limited to: Integration, Services, WCF, WebAPI, BizTalk, Security, Patterns and Practices, and Data Structures.


Presenting Sessions

Saving the Earth (and Energy) by Using Binary Data Transfer in the Cloud

Vicente Sanchez

Speaker: Vicente Sanchez


Web Solutions Architect

Vicente Sanchez is a Web software architect and developer with a passion for finding innovative
solutions to business services delivered through the Web. Vicente has many years of experience
developing Web solutions utilizing the Microsoft stack for healthcare, benefits administration, and
finance industries. He has been with Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS) for the
past 3 years managing all TCD’s Web things!


Presenting Sessions

Use Case: Our Journey to the Cloud, a real-world tale!

Jason Sauers


CEO, Sr Integration and Cloud Architect

Microsoft P-TSP

Jason enjoys serving clients throughout the software development life-cycle, from development, to architecture, and envisioning. He is an expert implementer of methodologies including Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, and Messaging.

Although Jason is a subject-matter expert of Microsoft technologies including Azure, SOA/ESB, BizTalk, and Services (WCF, WebAPI, REST), he is enthralled by emerging technologies and works tirelessly to master their capability within the technology stack.


Presenting Sessions

Microsoft Cloud Assessments with Phidiax

Jeff Stagg

Speaker: Jeff Stagg



Sr Collaboration and Cloud Architect

Jeff’s passion for front-end technologies has led him to pay attention to creating web-friendly and future-proof user interfaces that are semantic and easy to maintain. He enjoys the unique constraints of working within the browser and accessing data through secure channels. His love of JavaScript has led him to spending much of his time automating build processes, creating NodeJS microservices, and accessing them with JavaScript frameworks, while focusing on AngularJS.


Presenting Sessions

Going Serverless with Azure Functions

Nathan Taylor


Cloud Engineer

As an IT Consultant for over 10 years I've enjoyed designing and managing networks, servers, firewalls, and email solutions. I have also enjoyed business development, sales, and technical support. My passion is to grow my skills in cloud technologies such as Office 365, Azure, and AWS. 


Presenting Sessions

LAB: Deploying Resources from Azure Quick Start ARM Templates

Jeff Wessling


Sr Integration and Cloud Architect

Jeff has worked in the Microsoft technology stack for over 15 years. He started with .NET when it was first introduced, and continued working with SQL Server and BizTalk Server throughout their many versions. Jeff became particularly interested in how enterprises integrated their data within their own systems and external partners. This led to extensive work with Microsoft integration solutions like BizTalk, WCF, Web Services, SOA, ESB, and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), as well as becoming familiar with many data standards such as X12 EDI, HL7, and SWIFT among others.

To Jeff, one of the most exciting factors of his role at Phidiax is his involvement with cloud computing, particularly Microsoft Azure. Jeff is excited to continue his study in this burgeoning technology space. He’s glad to have his Phidiax colleagues as cloud-knowledgeable resources and is involved in local Seattle user groups dedicated to it.

Jeff enjoys delivering technical presentations to clients and user groups. Recently, he has delivered sessions at Azure Global Bootcamp on topics related to Azure Media Services.


Presenting Sessions

Azure and EDI

Mary Ann Yeager


Sr Software Configuration Manager

Mary Ann has over two decades of experience with Software Configuration Management (Source Code Management, Branching and Merging, Build Engineering, Environment Configuration, Change Control, Release Management, Continuous Integration, and Deployment Engineering). Her expertise includes customization, maintenance and administration of SCM systems including Team Foundation Server.

She is passionate about creating automations for building, packing, deploying, auditing and monitoring of SCM artifacts and likes to help others realize the value in improving these processes.


Presenting Sessions

Build and Deployment Automations Across Azure Environments with Visual Studio Online